Your wedding day is that rare occasion where all your friends and family meet and gather together. The cake gets eaten, the flowers die, and all you have left are your photos. Your wedding experience is so much more than just booking someone to show up and take pictures. It's your memories to be relived through photographs. It's capturing those REAL unscripted moments that are unique to your celebration, all the beautiful details you poured your heart into, the tears in your partner's eyes when you promise each other forever and exchange vows, and of course all the frame worthy portraits that will be cherished for years to come.  It's important that we vibe together because we will be spending more time together before and during the wedding than any other vendor. I want you to feel comfortable, I want to make you laugh, and I want to inspire you. If you resonate with my work and value my craft and what I can offer you we may be a great fit.